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How many of you are looking to change your cabinets around? This is one of the most common home improvement jobs homeowners go through. There are lots of things you can do to change things up. Follow me down below. Need kitchen cabinets remodeled? Freedom Valley Cabinets has been building kitchen cabinets Indianapolis since 1993. They specialize in special cabinets, accessories, bookshelves and more.


Just changing the paint color can say so much. Most of you probably have that drab cream, sandy or beige color on the your cabinets. Why not try something new. How many of you like bright colors? I’m sure most of you do. Add a bright color. Try a green or blue. I suggest staying away from white, unless you want your cabinets to become dirty right away.

All you need is a sander, a paint brush and some paint. Before you get started though, take a look at the measurements for each one. You don’t need to get a lot of paint either. Just get the amount of paint you will need for the job. My advice, don’t worry about keeping the leftovers. It might be years before you do this again. You don’t need to keep extra in the back, especially if it’s not being used. It’s just going to become a waste.

Go down to the store and buy a color that matches your personality. You will also want a color which will go with the rest of the room. In other words, don’t be eccentric. The idea is to change things up, not make the elements in your kitchen clash. Amazingly, they delivered the Long Island hardwood flooring and installed it within a few days of us choosing and ordering it.


If you aren’t liking the idea of a new paint job, simply do a reface. You don’t need to spend a lot of money either. If were going to gut the place, you’d be spending over ten thousand dollars worth. You want keep within your budget, not go over it.

Simply buy the materials you need and do a refacing. Your cabinets will look ten times new. Plus, you will only be spending at most $1,000.


Another good idea is to simply add pull-outs. A pull-out cabinet can say so much. It’s also a way to cut down on the clutter. Think of all the pots you have hanging around. If you build a pull-out, you can store your stuff in there. It’s going to breathe new life into your kitchen. Without all that clutter, you can do other things with the space. This is also going to breathe new life into the room. With this amazing kitchen showroom long island is the best place for your Kitchen


Another thing you can try is using under-the-cabinet lighting. This is going to make everything look different. Some say that track lighting is the key. It helps, but this is simply not true. Under-the-cabinet lighting is something which will transform this room. The Long Island dumpster rental is efficient and has no other hidden fees like all the others, so we definitely recommend using them.

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